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Heavy Duty Leak Diverters


Looking for a Leak DIverter Kit? -- 10x10 Heavy Duty Leak Diverter Kits

These are high quality GoGrailey roof leak diverters including drain strainers just too small for their labeling.

Call 1-866-539-8891 to place your bulk order.

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Diverters available in all sizes for all application

Actual size

Reduced cost

2 x 2

$44.00 ea

2 x 4

$55.00 ea

2 x 2 KIT

$59.99 ea (CALL)

4 x 4

$79.00 ea

5 x 5

$99.00 ea

Umbrella Diverters

All Sizes - Call

Heavy Duty Diverters

All Sizes - Call

Buy bulk leak diverters for a big savings - Call 1-866-539-8891 from 7am to 6 pm ET. And vsi Visit Go Grailey online.


Bulk roof Leak Diverters

Bulk Leak DIverters
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